Owner Jeff Braithwait and his staff

are here to help you with...

*Regular Maintenance 
*Factory Scheduled Maintenance 
*Preventative Maintenance
*Drivability Problems 
*Engine Service or Checking Service Light
*Fuel Injection and Carburetor Repair

*Cooling Systems

*Engine Repair (minor or major) 
*Transmission Repair (automatic or manual)
*Steering and Suspension
*Heater and Air Conditioner Problems 
*Brakes and Tires

Maintenance - Repair - Inspections

Owning an independent repair shop, we get to KNOW our customers.......
When you come to Eastern Auto Service, you’re not going to talk with a service writer, or a salesman.  You actually get to talk to your mechanic.  Developing a relationship with your mechanic is key to your vehicle care and maintenance.
We know your time is important, but so is your car maintenance and repair, we make it EASY ....
For our customers, we offer free pick-up and delivery service, for your convenience. We know how difficult it is to juggle so many things in one day.
We also offer free inspection of a pre-owned car you might be interested in purchasing. That takes a lot of the guess work and stress off of you, knowing your mechanic has taken a look under the hood, and under the chassis for you.
Eastern Auto Service provides a full line of services, and repairs. We work on American made and foreign cars; old and new.

For everything from routine maintenance and oil changes to major engine overhauls, give us a call at 402.371.0608 and we can go over your specifics!

Engine Repair